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Due to the circumstances of the ongoing Covid 19 Virus, appointments must be made by telephone


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There is currently no government guidance preventing funeral services from taking place and we, as funeral directors are working hard to support bereaved families at this very difficult time. However, all funeral services that do take place MUST respect current Government requests for social distancing and the protection of high risk groups.

We are working closely with families to work out how best they can hold a funeral, in line with Government guidance, together with any local requirements and restrictions.

This means:

• Wherever possible we are no longer having face-to-face meetings when arranging a funeral. Please do be assured we are arranging funerals by phone and email with the usual care and attention. Please call us on 01392 272688 or email us for all enquiries. We are here to help and understand this is a very difficult time. It is vital that we do all we can to reduce the spread of the virus and that funeral service employees (who are key workers) can remain healthy and able to continue supporting bereaved families.
• Visiting the Chapel of Rest is restricted, please contact us for more information.
• Limit the numbers attending the funeral service to immediate family only, in line with Government advice on social distancing. We are already aware that certain crematoria and churches have now set strict limits on the numbers of mourners that may attend funerals, but these vary across the UK and by type of venue, so it is important that you check what restrictions will apply to you.
• This also means thinking about who will attend and ensuring those from at-risk groups (e.g. pregnant women or those with underlying health conditions) are not put at greater risk by attending.
• Restrict physical attendance at the funeral service to as few people as possible. Consider other options such as organising a celebration of life or memorial service at a later date, or webcasting/live streaming the funeral service (using professional or personal devices), enabling other mourners to still participate without putting themselves and others at risk of harm.
• Please don’t publicly advertise the funeral details to reduce the risk of other, well-meaning mourners arriving unexpectedly. They may be turned away at the door, which could be distressing for them and the bereaved family. It will also place funeral key workers at unnecessary risk of harm.
• During the service, remain two metres apart from anyone not living in your household at all times. Refrain from making physical contact with anyone outside of your household.
• All charitable collections should be done online or by post.

We understand this advice may be very difficult for families, but it is vitally important we respect Government guidance for social distancing – to help stop the spread of COVID-19.


Difficult Juncture

Losing a family member or a close friend is never an easy experience for a person to go through. At such a difficult juncture in your life you may find yourself being responsible for organising the Funeral of a loved one.


Our Experience

Our family have been independent Funeral Directors in Exeter for over 100 years, and therefore have a vast amount of experience in helping you with any arrangements.


Time of Need

We hope the longevity of our Exeter Funeral home is testament to our sensitivity to your needs. In your time of need we will do our utmost to provide you support with planning a Funeral that will reflect the wishes of your loved one.

Helping with Funeral Arrangements in Exeter & surrounding areas

When someone dies there are many Funeral arrangements that have to be made which can sometimes be overlooked during such a difficult period.

 We can advise you on the correct steps that need to be taken in arranging a Funeral including paperwork and legal requirements that are necessary by law.

We are here to guide you through such a difficult time.


What to do if death occurs at home, in a nursing home or in a hospital.

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If you have never had to organise a funeral before it can be quite a daunting task.

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A contemporary traditional funeral can be simple or elaborate but is always elegant and dignified.

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Allowing people to pay their respects. The obituary allows you to commemorate your loved one.

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If you require guidance with making Funeral arrangements, contact the understanding professionals at M. Sillifant & Sons in Exeter.
To speak to a member of our team in Exeter, please contact us via the number listed at the top of our website. Alternatively if you wish to send us an email with any enquiries you can fill out the form located on the Contact Us page of this website.

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